Chess blog Chess is the most popular game and the pieces are more stronger than checkers pieces. There is a white side and a black side and white goes first. And there are 32 pieces and all both sides get 16 of them. The most famous players are Bobby fischer borris Spassky and Garry kasparov. When you're playing you are using 50% of your brain. And you are using the left side of the brain Which is for logic. Chess is also the hardest game in the world. The most popular site to play chess is chess.Com lichess and chesskid but chess.Com is most popular. The country that made chess is india and rasheia But it was invented in india And the worst country in chess is u.S.A. When your in a chess tournament there is a clock where if you run out of time you lose But if your opponent runs out of time then they lose. In chess there are 3 parts of a chess game the opening middlegame And the endgame. There are also a lot of tactics[tricks]. It is also the game with the most tactics. The most common mistake is not looking at the entire borde. The most powerful piece is the queen because it can move up down the sides and the digagnal.