Coding blog. Coding is a thing where you program things that's how things like the internet were made. It is also how apps add websites like this one where made It is how cars were made. To be able to code you have to know that you are giving instruction to the computer.there are 3 types of coding block coding to make games app cashin coding is to make apps and development coding to make websites. And the most popular coding app is called m.i.t. You can test your apps there. And when you make a website the most popular device to make the website on is the mac or p.c. Another thing that is popular is learning to code and the most popular site to do that is scratch. Coding can be used to make a story by coding characters. Lastly coding can be used to make chips to put inside the human body. Coding is the most popular skill to learn. Coding is very importent to technology. Also very important to us because if it was not there then we will not have stuff like the internet apps and websites. I hope this makes you like coding better