school blog school in covid 19 is like in this app called bbcu .if there is a test we do the test on balackbrode247.and every monday every classmate meets with teacher for 10 last we do our homework on google classroom.we also have brakes like spring break winter break and thanksgiving break. we also have specials all of the specials are pe music art library and ready to shine. and the subgicks for the main class are math writing/reading and social studies / science. and on monday there is no school but it is the time where you complete all of the work you did not get to do.and the sceghual for specials is tuesday music and pe .wednesday art and ready to shine . Thursday library and mrs. eagen . and friday is art and pe. and all specials are 30 minutes and 2 specials each week.and we spent 28 hours every week with school.and we spent 68 hours without school a week. and one test has 10 to 20 questions. but writing/reading there is no test but for math and social studies/since there is a test on black borde 247. and sometimes in reading/writing instead of a lesson there is a book to read. and we use notebooks for math. and the homework is on google slides or google docs. and in school there are very few people in. Also berkes like winter break and spring break are at least 5 days long. and in every break you can't send emails to the teacher she will not respond. and for science/social studies there is a pbl and the pbl has 10 to 20 slides and you have to do 1 slide every day.